The purpose of this site is to provide a space for nurses to share in comments that they can do anonymously or otherwise to maintain a healthy boundary of our principles before our personalities.

Our common welfare needs to be considered first as our personal support depends on our nursing unity present or past.

We find nurses with the blind, with the criminally insane, in alternative birth centres, in one room cabins in Appalachia, in office practices, in acute care and skilled nursing facilities with the latest in technologies, in homes with the dying, in the inner city barrios and side street clinics with the poor, in schools counselling a child in pain, in addiction recovery facilities where fear, anger, pain and shame are turned from enemies into teachers.  We find nurses with a thousand different cultures and people with skins of many hues.  The scenarios are all different.

Though each of us is in our own journey in search of our own truth, the spiritual energy in all of us is the same.  That spiritual energy fills the heart of a mother who lives in a van behind a 24 hr. market.  That energy sustains the life of a South African father spooning a slurry of rice water into the mouth of his dying son.

We are joined in  acknowledging this truth by no mere coincidence.  We are joined in this place to lift our hearts, our hope and our capacity to grieve, to love, to forgive and to heal by the light of the ancestral spirit…that on their journeys into healing, the women and men in nursing may sustain themselves in their call – that they may live in faith and know that no matter what truth they embrace as their own, healing is an affair of the heart.

Storytellers Creed by Robert Fulgham

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